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Star Festival Festival holding summary

 Daytime state in Star Festival Festival meeting place1,000 Star Festival Festival paradesNight state in Star Festival Festival meeting place

 Star Festival Festival began based on legend of Chinese Altair woman weaver and was informed by Japan as the Star Festival. It was inherited during life of the capital led by beginning Imperial Court noble, and it was manners and customs to pray for progress of calligraphy and the accomplishment of love. We took this up in annual function, and the Edo Shogunate became manners and customs of samurai family and came to gradually spread to the common people and continued up to the present day as Star Festival Festival with characteristic by each area.

 Star Festival Festival of hiratsuka was begun as after the war commercial promotion plan, and there is characteristic in magnificence of Star Festival decoration which asks Japan's most, and is broken supported by active commerce. In center of commerce about500 of them,As for "Shonan star lacing braid which is particularly main meeting place," gorgeous decorations fill up street. There is large decoration more than 10m, and took in fashion such as athlete or popular animal, character playing an active part, decorating is big characteristic among them. Various entertainments are developed, and parades develop as summer feature on behalf of Japan including contest of Star Festival decoration during period. Furthermore, Shonan hiratsuka Vega chosen in selection heaps up festival by various events such as parade or visit out of city still more during Star Festival Festival period.


The 64th Shonan hiratsuka Star Festival Festival

The date 

It is from Friday, July 4 to Sunday, July 6 (2014) in 2014

The site   

Whole city around JR Hiratsuka Station north exit mall
(〒 254-0043 Beniyacho, Hiratsuka-shiBut, we play a key role.)

Holding time

End time 9:00 p.m. (on the last day until 8:00 p.m.)


Free of charge


  JR Hiratsuka Station north exit drop off walk two minutes
  It is approximately 60 minutes by ... JR Tokaido Main Line from Tokyo Station.
  It is approximately 65 minutes at ... JR Shonan Shinjuku line from Shinjuku Station
 Odakyu Line
  It is approximately 40 minutes by ... shin*chu bus from Hon-Atsugi Station

 It is approximately 30 minutes from Tomei Expressway, Atsugi IC.
 It is approximately 20 minutes from Odawara-Atsugi Expressway, hiratsuka IC.

Parking lot

We are going to establish free parking lot in Sagami River riverbed (the hiratsuka bicycle race track east side)
We operate shuttle bus to the Hiratsuka Station south exit (adult one way 100 yen, child 50 yen)
※Please use public transport as much as possible.


Shonan hiratsuka Star Festival Festival executive committee 
(the secretariat: Hiratsuka-shi government office commerce Tourism Division)
Telephone 0463-35-8107 Fax 0463-35-8125 
Inquiry to this

 Shonan hiratsuka VegaState of event

Request from Star Festival Festival executive committee

  • Let's take garbage which we brought in home with us without throwing away.
  • Clean box is comprised in the meeting place every classification (burning, bottle, can, plastic bottle). You separate garbage, and please throw away in appointed place.
  • For restraint, energy saving of discharge of exhaust gas, please use public transport on the occasion of arrival.

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Commercial Tourism Division

〒It is Government building Building No. 2 the first floor for 254-8686 2-14, Toyoharacho, Hiratsuka-shi, Kanagawa Toyohara

Main phone number: 0463-23-1111 fax number: 0463-35-8125

Direct telephone call number: 0463-35-8107

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